hi guys and girls this ones been asked many a time i am sure but with all the new cameras coming out i wanted to ask again, currently i use an olympus e620 with zuiko 8mm fisheye for my 360 and aerial work and normally its fine however i have toyed with going in to the full frame market and i would like also to have some full hd video option as well (not available on the olympus). Recently following a family bereavement i have been left some money which i would like to invest on a new camera and lens set up so here goes.

Which full frame camera and lens is the best solution for fully spherical 360 vr work, as I am also interested in automated bracketing i would need it to work with Promote Control which i believe only supports Nikon and Canon.

Now i am going to need some serious help on this as I have only ever purchased Olympus so this is a big move for me going from 4/3 to full frame!

Thanks for all you help