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    hi guys and girls this ones been asked many a time i am sure but with all the new cameras coming out i wanted to ask again, currently i use an olympus e620 with zuiko 8mm fisheye for my 360 and aerial work and normally its fine however i have toyed with going in to the full frame market and i would like also to have some full hd video option as well (not available on the olympus). Recently following a family bereavement i have been left some money which i would like to invest on a new camera and lens set up so here goes.

    Which full frame camera and lens is the best solution for fully spherical 360 vr work, as I am also interested in automated bracketing i would need it to work with Promote Control which i believe only supports Nikon and Canon.

    Now i am going to need some serious help on this as I have only ever purchased Olympus so this is a big move for me going from 4/3 to full frame!

    Thanks for all you help

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    I used to be Olympus in analog times with OM4Ti. Great system. In times everything changed to digital, I had to decide which side of the race I wanted to follow. At this time I decide to follow Nikon. You will be good, even without promote control which I use as well, with a D700 or one of the D3 bodies. D700 maybe replaced with a 24mps model in the near future, 2011? , who knows, D3s brilliant for very low light and sport, D3x for high resolution.

    I personally own FX D700 and D3 bodies. I own a D300s and a D90 as well so I tested the video option. I believe Canon is a little step further in the video segment, watching marketing videos on the internet. Asking my Pro Reseller about the video functions: The answer confirmed me to use my video camcorder to take videos. Just think of the amount of time you can shoot a video, 5 min, now with the new cards and cameras a little bit more.

    Just wait for the latest news on Photokina Cologne, there are some news.

    If you like to get some more info about Nikon, just send me an IM.

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