Hi, I have recently recieved my NN5, RD16, and Ez-Leveler II. I am finding it difficult to set the level correctly. Let me explain what I am doing, and let's see if anybody can point out what I am doing wrong.

First I set up the tripod roughly level using the bubble on the top of the tripod (below the EZ-Leveller). Then I use the EZ-Leveler to put the bubble in the middle of the circle on the horizontal plate of the NN5.

OK so far. But when I rotate the NN5, the bubble moves out of the circle, and the camera goes out of level. This seems wrong, and I can't find any setting tht keeps the camera level.

Also, I was recently shooting a series where the sky was right up near the top of the frame, and in order to make the sky level, I had to set the bubble way outside the circle.

Does this sound like I am doing something wrong, or is it a problem with the rotator?

Regards, ...David