After a long way I finally decided to buy a NN5L + RD8, however when I came back to your web site I noticed that this head is now discontinued. I need to have the ability of making multirow panoramas because I'm about to beggin a project aimed at shooting big big trees and make "panoramas" from a short subject-to-camera distance. What do you think about this, what will be my best option?
Looking at the R1 and R10 I can see that this heads are sigle row only. Thus I'm not completely sure if this will satisfy my needs. Do you now if the NN5+RD8 is still available? If it is I will buy it right away!!
Today I own a Nikon D90 + 10-24 nikon lens, but I'm sure that as the project start to run I'll be able to upgrade this body to a larger one.

Thanks for your advice
Kind Regards