Hello all,
I received the NN5L, have mounted my E-30/Zuiko 11-22 lens, and followed various types of instructions (found on this forum/website and Google) to try to set the upper and lower rail settings. Since I do real estate photography, and upload to a viewer that puts the pan into a cylindrical 360, it's imperative that there are no stitching flaws. It's easier when you are shooting outdoors, but not so easy when you have straight walls (especially when the home is empty - which is common these days). So in saying this I have been using the detent ring that requires 8 shots and have stitching problems. How do you determine which ring is best for the type of camera/lens you are using? Maybe I need to stick with more shots? I have an old pan head that is very clunky/heavy which I had to take 12 portrait shots with, but I rarely had any stitching problems. Can someone explain to me how you determine how many shots you should use for a particular camera/lens? I apologize if this has been asked previously. Advise is appreciated.