I hope someone can reassure me that I am about to purchase the correct piece of kit. I want a simpler (and lighter!) rig than I have currently and am seriously considering the R1. My setup is Nikon D300s with the battery pack installed and a Sigma 8mm f3.5 lens. My concerns are whether the R1 would be able to take the additional weight of this camera and battery pack and whether all the weight on the lens barrel will cause any long term problems. My full time work is photographing property for let and sale and will be used almost daily so would have to stand up to professional use.
All your comments are welcome. My final choice will be between the R1 or the NN5, though single row at +5° would cover most of my needs. Oh and one more thing. I would like to be up and running asap. How tricky is finding the NNP and keeping it accurate?
Thank you all in advance for your assistance.