world largest gigapixel pano?
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Thread: world largest gigapixel pano?

  1. world largest gigapixel pano?


    It will be world largest gigapixel pano as of todate.

    The photographer use Sony A900 and 400mm with 1.4 adapter.
    Here is how it is make
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    Hum, new gigapixel one where quality is not so good in my point of view. Sky is not clear, zoom is not blocked so you can zoom in too much, a lot of blur, definitively average quality
    Gigapixel panoramic photographers should first think at quality of shot and weather conditions instead of getting the biggest number of pixels

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    Yes photo is not sharp. The best gigipixel pano I have seen is from Julian Kalmar
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    My favorite gigapixel image is the Paris 26 Gigapixel project: The image is beautiful, clear, the colors are great and the point of view is perfect so that you can see so many landmarks.

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