nn3(original) canon 5d with sigma 8mm 3.5
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Thread: nn3(original) canon 5d with sigma 8mm 3.5

  1. nn3(original) canon 5d with sigma 8mm 3.5



    I used to do 360 a few years ago but lost time in photography due to work.

    Just getting back into it and looks like they changed the format on the settings page and can't find the setting for nn3 for canon 5d and sigma 8mm 3.5

    I hope someone can give me the settings as I had good stitching 3 photos from the previous settings.

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    I'm sure I posted a reply earlier, but it hasn't appeared, so I'll try again:

    The 5D is usually used on an NN5, for which settings are listed on the Nodal Ninja web site. You can derive the NN3 settings from the NN5 "A" values: check the settings for the 20D and note the differences between the NN5 and NN3 values, and apply those differences to the 5D settings to get the NN3 values. (The "B" setting remains the same for the NN3 and NN5).

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    Will try this out John.

    I started with a 40d then moved up to a 5d and they both worked nicely that i chose not to upgrade.

    Thanks again. hope it works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by panget View Post
    ... hope it works.
    If it doesn't work, you can determine the settings yourself in 10-15 minutes. See http://www.johnhpanos.com/epcalib.htm.


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