Hello everybody,

Here is a panorama I took of the waterfalls in Almonte, Ontario, Canada. I used a Canon 450d with a Canon 18-55mm lens (Rebel XSi lens kit). There are just a few stitching errors but overall the pano stitched really well (at least that is what I think). Also, this is my first real attempt at HDR (with bracketed images) to get a lot of detail all over the place. You will notice that in some places the images could not blend very well, which is due to my inexperience in HDR. It is only 2 rows of images and I do have the rest to make a full 360x180 VR but I have to find more time to work on the rest. I thought I would start with the 2 middle rows for now.

Overall I like it and I am proud of it. I only started taking panos about a year ago and I have had very little time to take images and stitch, so this is my first pano I put a good amount of time and effort into. Any comments and criticism are welcome.

And here it is: http://culjakproductions.com/panos/A...aterfalls.html

On a side note: when I went to setup my Nodal Ninja MK3, I dropped the screw knob that holds the vertical arm to the horizontal arm. You can guess where it fell. I was lucky I could retrieve it without being washed away.