As of August 1st this custom designed quality coin will be included FREE on all orders over $100. This is in appreciation of your valued business and call it our "Token of Appreciation". The coins will also be available for purchase for those that may want this token as a keepsake. Only a limited number of these one-of-a-kind coins were produced. The coin measure 1 1/8" (30mm) in diameter, 14 gauge thickness and has an antique brass finish which accent the finest details. Coins are made here in the USA.

The coins show incredible detail - here's a breakdown of the story the coin encapsulates.

The front of the coin (left) shows Nodal Ninja's logo and slogan "turning heads" and the year the coin was created "2010", sitting atop the European and Asian Continent (just catching a bit of Australia) on a world globe complete with longitudinal and latitudinal lines. We recognize the manufacturer "Fanotec International" (see the star in Asia) and the Distributor "Bill Bailey LLC" who does business as (dba) "Nodal Ninja". The bottom of the coin displays our appreciation to customers for their valued business and support - truly a "Token of Appreciation".

The back of the coin (right) notes our primary market "Panoramic Photography Equipment" and a sample of who we might sell to "hobbyists, amateurs, pros". Right side of the coin depicts some of the uses for our equipment "real estate, giga-pixel, mosaics, HDR". The center of the coin shows a Nikon D3X with 14-24mm lens (note the reflection in the glass of the lens) mounted on the new Ultimate Line Pano Head Modular System with RD16 (note demarcations on the rotator) on EZ-Leveler-II. This reverse side also shows the opposite side of the globe depicting the Americas (see star in Arizona). And last but not least the website address "".

If you are a previous customer and would like one of these unique coins please contact us.

Thank you

ps -I didn't want to mention this earlier because these coins turned out exceptionally nice, but if you wanted to you "could" use them as screwdrivers (an aid to unscrew the camera plate from camera base etc). Excessive use like this will scratch them as they are coated - but hey - price it right