After a fair bit of reading in the past few weeks, I think I've managed to work out what I need in terms of hardware.

I currently have a Canon 5D Mk II with Canon 15mm fisheye (EF15), tripod etc.

I volunteer at a steam/railway museum and one of my projects is to create a VR tour of the two Royal Coaches that they have in their collection. Whilst the public can look through some of the carriage windows, they are not permitted inside. Hopefully VR can allow a detailed view from the many compartments inside and make the exhibit more accessible.

Last month I took a series of 8 hand-held test shots (with the EF15) inside the various compartments just to see if the concept was workable - there is a test sequence and stitch at http://bressingham-volunteer.blogspo...and-royal.html. Some of the compartments eg. bathrooms are very, shall we say, "compact" and will prove to be quite a challenge to photograph!

Given I have a larger DSLR and want to be able to use my other lenses in a landscape environment I have opted for the NN5 with RD16 and EZ Leveler II. I'm also considering the nadir adaptor as I will be shooting both zenith and nadir shots to make a complete spherical(?) panorama (I haven't yet started looking at the types and projections in depth - so spherical might be the wrong term).

Does this seem a sensible approach? I did consider other rotators such as the RD8, but the flexibility of the RD16 means that it will get use beyond this project.

I am new to the 360 degree concept (having previously shot in 617 format on film), so there's a fair bit for me to learn regarding stitching techniques and web presentation.

Looking forward to my purchase very soon.