Hi Jens,

When you turned your camera to the right, and the reference point moves with the camera to the right as well, you have to move your camera forward on the upper rail. This is what I see from your pics. So you have to move forward from 107 > to 104 for example. When the reference moves to the opposite side, then you have to go backwards.

You have to set WB to a fixed setting like "sun", not to Auto. You might see differences in your pano taken with WB at "Auto"

Focus has to go to manual as well. Otherwise the camera will focus for each shot to something else. Set Focus to manual on your camera body. Google "Hyperfocal Distance", think it is dofmaster, and look it up for the chosen camera, lens and aperture. Only this will give you the best "Depth of Field" for you settings.

You may just use John's methods to test your NPP. I find the belgium grid method a little bit too complicated. "Keep it simple".