Background... New to Nodal Ninja, but have been playing with pano for some time - recently borrowed a Manfrotto 303, and now wants to get a NN. Looking to be able to capture 360x180 + some smaller cylindrical shots - mostly outside in nature, or in city. Have Canon 500D (T2i) + Tokina 11-16mm lens, and thinking about trying out a Pelang 8mm at some point (possibly - but would like a solution that will work with the Tokina). Like to get out into nature and hike - so low weight and size is really important. Some examples of my recent panos -

I was just about to press the button on a NN3 complete package, but then I came across this site

Which says that the distance between the tripod hole and front of lens is max 107mm (or 129mm with t-adapter)

Mine is 135mm with UV filter or 130mm without.

I'm having trouble visualizing why this is going to be an issue. Is it a show stopper? Or workable?

I've also got a RRS L-shaped QR base on the camera which I would prefer to maintain in the solution (although taking this off isn't a big issue.

Would this QR clamp work -