Hello to all, first post :-)

Soon I will be ordering a NN5 to use with a Canon 40D + Grip + EF-S 10-22. Since this grip has a tripod mount offset of about 5mm, I will be ordering the QR System as well.
However, I would like to keep using my Manfrotto 410 plates, since those are what I use with my 410 Geared Head. and keep one 410 plate attached to the grip. I also have a 394 Clamp (to use with the same 410 plates).

So my question is: How can I do it?

If it wasn't for the offset thing, I guess I could just attach the 394 Clamp to the NN camera plate (no need for the NN QR System).

How about mounting the 394 Clamp on a NN T-Adaptor (and then attach them on the upper arm)?

Hope someone can help me find the most stable and secure solution.

Thanks in advance,

Trico (Portugal)