Set of images plus stitched panorama taken with a Samyang 14mm f/2.8 and a Canon 7D on a NN5 w/R-D16:

This example was rendered out at 14,000 x 7,000. The full size image came in at 20,656 x 10,328. I can put the full size image online if anyone wants to see.

Settings for the NN5 w/R-D16 were:

Lower Arm: 70 (with Nadir Adaptor)
Upper Arm: 92 (with QRS 2 clamp and GigaPan Plate)

(Note: I used the Nadir Adaptor but haven't patched the nadir image yet...)

Total Shots: 8 @ -30 deg, 8 @ + 30 deg, 1 x zenith & nadir. (I think it's actually better to take 2 x zenith @ 60 deg - 180 deg apart)