I am new to Panoramic photography, have a Canon 450 D, and NN5. My current widest focal length is 17mm equiv to 28mm full frame. I see two ways to go - super wide zoom like the Canon, Tokina or Sigma 8-16mm, or fisheye with either the Sigma 8mm or 10mm. I have PTGUI to assemple the images. From a utilitarian point of view I feel an super wide would be more overall versital than the fisheye, which I think would be used only for panoramas, but at the same time I do not want to spend hours at my computer wrestling with assembliing Panos. So what are your preferences and which do you find easier to manage in assembling the final product? Unfortunately I do not have the luxuray of both types of lenses - it is one or the other for right now.


Toby Goodman