OK, I can hear you groaning "Here we go again", but I have not found the exact answers to my questions on the website or forum, and I would like clarification before I order.

I am mainly interested in taking 1-3 row horizontal panos, and 1-3 column vertical panos. Mainly landscapes, waterfalls and buildings.

I will be using a Canon 30D with 24-105mm lens and (rarely) 100-400 lens. Everything is fitted with Manfrotto QR plates to fit a 322 RC-2 head. Obviously, the 322 will have to be removed and the NN setup screwed onto the tripod, but that's just something to have to live with. Keeping the QR plates on the camera and lens is more important.

From looking at the website and forum, I think I need either NN5L or NN5, w/RD16, EZ Leveler II, and Quick Release Clamp.

My questions are:
1. Is the NN Quick Release Clamp compatable with the Manfrotto QR plates? The info says yes, but I just want to check. If not, when will the NN Quick Release System be back in stock?

2. Is there any real advantage for my type of work in having the NN5 instead of the NN5L? I imagine there is not, because of the longer focal lengths that I will be likely to use. But it is worth asking the question.

3. How is the camera mounted in landscape orientation when taking images for a vertical pano? Is an L-bracket required? What is the part number?

4. What is the expected lead time for delivery in Colorado?

Looking forward to you reply.

Best regards, ...David

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