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    Hi Guys,

    Sorry but new to this and need a little help.

    I have a NN5 and a Canon XTi kit (EF-S 18-55mm Lens) Would love any pointers on how I should setup
    to do a spherical pano using this equipment. Thanks in advance!

    BTW! I have the D16 rotator as well.
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    First step would be to read tutorials avalaible on that page


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    I have read a few things and per your response I give them a look. I am also looking for setup and workflow help
    On what would be the best shooting sequence, angles and rows per my camera setup and just some overall
    Guidance. I have tried to shoot one and I am using autopano giga and I get no control points and it says RMS = nan
    I really appreciate the quick response as well
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    For the shooting configuration, you need 32 shots at 18mm for a full 360x180 panorama (see for details). To set up the panohead, see

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    I have read the suggested pages and have my work cut out for me this weekend.

    I really appreciate it. I have not tried PTGui yet but will give it a go and ask for more help
    if I run into any problems. Cheers!
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    Hello deerndlph,

    I have created some guides for our HDS (High Definition Surveying) Customers, which you may find have some useful information for you.

    Although these are aimed at HDS users they contain information about taking Spherical Panoramas and using PTGui.

    Best regards, Hugh.
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    have a look to,

    To check the real right LRS for your own equipment,

    try this:

    To get you pano with less shots, you might have a look to fisheye lenses, low priced manual lens with very good quality, Samyang 8mm - a lot of other names but they are the same - Canon 15mm fisheye, Sigma 8mm/f3.5 - less quality to 15mm canon.

    Fell free to ask,

    Cheers and welcome to the forum,

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    Thanks Guys for all the valuable information. I spent a great deal of time dialing in the lens
    and feel as if I have made some head way. I really appreciate all the help. I am trying to
    also understand enfuse and some of the other kool software that really helps others turn
    out some great pano photography. Very interesting stuff concerning the scanners as well
    should make the 3d data that much more interesting.


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