Hello all,
NN Newbie here. Okay so I received my NN3 MKII, watched several of the tuts. When I look for my camera set-up the closest I found was the E330/Zuiko 11-22 lens and says the settings are A71 and B111 w/o Camera Plate and A81 and B111 w CP. Seems with CP I cannot set the A rail to 81 (which I assume means 8.1 between the 8 and 9 on the bottome rail), and with CP the B rail does not allow me to set it at B111 (which I am assuming means at the 11.1 mark between the 11 and 12 where the camera mount thread should be? Also I believe I read somewhere that with the NN3 MKII you do not need the camera plate? I just want to make sure I'm reading and viewing the diagrams properly before I start getting frustrated when I start finding the nodal point and finding out the stitching is not working. Also, if anyone has the settings for the Olympus E30 with Zuiko 11-22 lens and the 7-14 lens that would great.

Thanks so much!