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  1. Madonie - Sicily, Italy


    This a 764 megapixel panorama (59,188px X 12,917px) maked with 280 pictures.

    Zoomify version:
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    once again you know how to get attention by choosing a very good shooting position: shorter diagonal line to the left, a longer one to the right with more infos in the background, joint by the wall and the yellow bushes in the right corner.

    Nice to use zoomify to get more and more info by zooming in.

    I know what NN equipment you have been using , may we know about the camera lens combi you used this time?

    Now I know why you left for Sicilie: we do not have this kind of mountins in the netherlands.

    I like the shot, and you know "in case", het iz afgesproken.

    Tot zo,

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    Thanks Heinz!

    Equipment I used :

    Canon 1D MkIII
    Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8 IS @ 140mm
    Cokin ND4 Graudual Gray medium for the top line of pictures

    140mm is so far i can see the max with the NN5 and the RD16 on 3.75 click stops.

    Some news:

    I ve orderd today the Gigapan epic Pro for making Gigapixel panoramas.
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    Thx for the information,

    I think ND Filter use is a point which is not discussed too much on the forum to avoid burn out highlights. Of course when the use is possible.

    Would be interested in your experience.

    BTW: hope to recieve a Feisol tripod today. Was recommended on a forum, similar stability like Gitzo but better price. Recognized movement in the center column using the swivel with 055XBPro of Manfrotto.

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    I allways use the ND Filters, it makes the sky darker so it gives a polarisation look to the sky. It blocks also the sun a little bit.

    At the end of this week i have a outher experience: I going to make a panorama picture on top of a crane (15 meters 39.37 feet).

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