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  1. NN3 help desperately needed


    Can anyone please help me?

    I am having issues getting a perfect panorama. My equipment is Nikon D200, Sigma 8mm F4, Nodal ninja 3, NN Ez leveller II, Panoweaver Pro 6 on a iMac.

    I am taking 6 images to make my 360 tour, but can never seem to get a perfect stitch , can anyone help?

    The NN3 is setup as recommended Lower rail - 60 Upper rail - 83.
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    do you have NN3 II with new camera mounting plate, CP II?
    Have you confirm your NPP setting yourself?
    Here is the procedure.


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    If the setup is good, I would recommend you to try a different stitching software.

    My preferred stitcher is PTGui (www.ptgui.com) and you can try the free trial version and see if it will produce better results.

    Personally I have never seen perfect stitching results where Panoweaver has been used, and I have been told by several people that it is nowhere close to PTGui.

    It should at least be worth trying... or put a set of images online for others to download and try to get better stitching results.

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    Hi James

    I too have an mac and found some problems originally stitching panoramas, go to http://www.autopano.net/en/ download a trial version of autopanopro (you only need the giga version if you are doing gigapans) for your mac and hopefully it will stitch properly, i now having used this software never have a problem and it always stitches well for me and its super quick with virtually no input from me. Also look at cubic converter and cubic connector for creating your spheres and Pano2VR for outputting to Flash if you dont want QTVR, Autopanogiga comes with autopanotour for virtual tours and works well once you get your head round the interface although the former by cubic are great for QTVR.

    Also have you tried http://www.outline.be/quicktime/tuto/TheGrid.pdf this is i think an excellent tutorial for finding the NPP on an 8mm lens, it takes a lot of patience (I spent the whole day doing it and was very frustrated but in the end got it at 99%) and remember it will never be perfect for close up shots on an 8mm. The lens will not allow it as the NPP moves.

    If you want any other info feel free to PM me.

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    I will check this for you the next days concerning the settings and let you know. I only have a Sigma 8mm/f3.5, but I check the LRS for you.
    I do not know panoweaver, cause time ago it was not availible for macs. I use PTGui (Prime) and Autopano Giga. APG is more automatically doing a lot of things on its own, more work for you to look behind its secrets to learn baisics.

    As Trausti recommended, download a trial of PTGui to check what happens with another software.

    Check your LRS with this: http://www.easypano.com/forum/displa...1&TopicID=4162

    Might be problems with LRS or NPP, Software using wrong EXIF information by its own presets. Check NPP with John's tut already mentioned by Trausti.

    Good luck,

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    I tested NN3 with D200 LRS yesterday and got 61 as LRS with my equipment.

    As upper rail setting you should test L1 = 40 for D200 + L2 (47,5 49 91 ) which makes 87.5 89 or 91.

    So you seem to be off NPP, which will lead to the stitching error as thee biggest reason.


    If you use the EX DX version of the lens, you should have a golden ring. Try there in first case. With the 3.5 NPP is in front of the golden ring.

    Good luck

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    Hey Guys,
    Firstly let me say thankyou for all your replies, very much appreciated

    Ok this morning I have tried the following settings as suggested, lower rail 61/upper rail 87 and attach a panoramic for your viewing/advice(below)

    I will download a trial version of PTGui, see if that helps in my quest and keep you informed.

    kind regards

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    I think you got it. I can not see a stitching error. I can only zoom once, may be someone else finds something.

    But this is the typical place for stitching errors. White empty walls, same on the ceiling. Often you get stitching errors on these white rails. You have to add some CP manually.

    Some guys place stickers or tape in the overlap area on the wall or ceiling. This helps a lot.

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    Hello James,

    I agree with Heinz.
    This is a difficult subject for Control Point creation.
    Where should we be looking for the stitching errors?

    Best regards, Hugh.
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    You have picked a very difficult room to start with. Move to the kitchen. There will be much more detail. The more details, the better for this exercise.

    I found some stitching errors in your latest effort.

    Move to a different room, take some more shots, then post them here so we can have a go at stitching. Your rig may still need calibration.
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    Hey Guys

    Just wanna say thanks for all your help and input, much appreciated

    Well I gave up with the Sigma 8mm, bought a Nikon 10.5mm(from a well know Auction site ), also purchased PTgui and tried the suggested settings by NN, with a little tweaking I finally got my first seamless pano...... at last I was starting to go crazy LOL.

    I have settled with 6 images @ -15 + Zenith and all seems to be good.

    My next quest is how to shoot the Nadir shot, so I can remove the tripod(rather than just patch it with my nadir logo). Do I need a Nadir adaptor to do this?
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    well done, good news, its very frustrating til it all clicks into place then you think hey i can do it as well! Now got and join if not already done so 360cities.net

    for the nadir you dont need an adaptor, it just makes it easier though, you can take 2 down shots 180 degrees apart, overlay them in photoshop , use a mask and then brush most of it out, you will then need a clear shot of the ground for patching in using photoshop or gimp or use a tripod cap, there are plenty of tutorials out there written by some serious guys who just want to help, just google for 'nadir shot replacing' or 'tripod cap', 'from paris tutorial' or go to his website at fromparis.com - great qt movie on the workflow and the nadir etc, failing that pm me and i will send over load of links that i have later today.

    We could do with a tutorial section in the forum where everyone can post links to.



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