This forum has been weak from an administrative stand point from day 1. I selected it because it was relatively easy to manage from a non-techie stand point and the price was right - FREE! But it remains weak and our last upgrade to v2 of SMF brought with it a few bugs.

Now that we have Derek on our team we've been looking for and found a much more powerful system. Complex on the inside but simple to use on the outside. So now our members and guests will enjoy a much more robust forum.
Our new forum has actually been completed with threads and member data already moved. Few tweaks are still needed such as image tags, quotes tags, links, etc. and working the layout and skin while muddling through the labyrinth of 100's of administration tools.

Before we launch the new forum I wanted to ask all members, with emphasis to those that participate on a regular basis, what features if any would you like to see in the new forum?

All ideas and suggestions welcomed.

Thank you