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    Can somebody recommend the rail settings for the NN5 with the Nikon D700 and the Nikon 10.5mm (shaved).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elliot View Post
    Can somebody recommend the rail settings for the NN5 with the Nikon D700 and the Nikon 10.5mm (shaved).
    Hey Elliot - The NPP is close enough to the gold ring that this reference mark is used by many.

    To line up lower, rail with camera/lens mounted, rotate so camera is pointing straight down. Move vertical rail back and forth on lower rail until the lower rotator is centered in viewfinder of camera - tighten and set with rail stop.
    Then for upper rail loosen camera mounting knob and slide camera until the NPP is centered with upper rotator - tighten and set with rail stop.
    This should get you going.
  3. NIKON D700 WITH NIKON 10.5



    Thanks very much. I am on a business trip in the Caribbean and I took the NN5 apart for shipping and then I forgot how to put it back together. I think I was using 56mm and 85mm but not sure. At any rate I will follow your instructions.


    It is hot over here....... and humid......
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    These are my settings: D3 nikkor10.5 shaved NN5 : LRS 89 for D3, 71 URS

    R1 : 3 shots around +5° 1.05

    0° 1.6

    -2.5° 1.9

    BTW: Do not forget to set "DX lens setting" to OFF, otherwise the camera will change to DX lens settings and will not use it as full frame.

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    Thanks for the information. I have bee using the NN5 for about 1.5 years with no problems. The only issue I have is when the floors have tiles or the ceilings have acoustical tiles. These tiles do not show as aligned. Is something minor that I can Photoshop. I keep trying to get the perfect alignment.

    I had in the states. Before the trip I took the unit apart and now I am having the alignment minor issue...... I know it is matter of persistent progressive refinement. But I was wondering if someone has the same equipment and could share the settings with me.

    Thanks a lot. I am on a business trip around the Caribbean and the sea is so pretty that today I am just goint to take panormas of the sea instead of the buildings with tiles. Hi hi hi
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    Bill and Nick

    Tomorrow I will turn one year older. My vision is not as good as when I was 30 years old Hi hi hi hi I finally got the camera to shoot a nice photo without lense insues. I am using 86.5 mm for the top rail and 59 mm for the bottom. This is with the Nikon D700, the shaved 10.5 mm and the mounting base right bellow the camera. The floors with tiles have done very good and all the lines are perfectly aligned.

    However, one suggestion for the NEW tripod head. Please try to put bigger calibration markings for old goats with poor vision like me. Even with my high power glasses I couldn't see well. I had to ask my 25 year old son to read the readings for verification....... I know it is not the NN5 it is my vision....... Hi Hi hi hi At the eye doctor I can not see the markings / letters that the PRETTY GIRL is waving at me........! My eyes are bad..... hi hi hi hi!

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    Hi Elliot, good to see you here as well.

    I wish you a happy birthday, even when you are away from home, but that's probably not the first time it happens.

    As to your sight... you DID see the PRETTY GIRL... so I guess you do see all that really matters

    On a little bit more serious note: I too have experienced the aging symptom of worse eye-sight, and when shooting in low light conditions, one really can wish for something to illuminate the settings area... I have a small button cell keychain LED light in my "toolbox", but have thought about gluing some Velcro to the tripod, and attach the keychain light to there with the counter part of the Velcro... but ripping velcro apart does require too much force, and would probably result in the head or tripod moving out of place.... the other idea I had, was to attatch a metal clip to the tripod or the pano head, and have a small magnet attached to the LED light, which would be a much more gentle for taking the light off and putting it on. Maybe Nick will find a solution in the future that enables us half-blind people to see in the dark as well?
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    Hello Tuddi

    My eyes are poor at best but the girl was spectacular and bright......

    The down issue is that she ask me how many grandchildren I have and mentioned to me that I remind her of her Grandfather....... I guess that's life and every turkey will get its Thanksgiving Day....!


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