I'm sure I could use some pointers as far as settings in Pano2VR go. Primarily, what "numbers" do you use to make a nice, crisp, full-screen interactive pano? How big is your equirectangular image prior to conversion? Any suggested settings for Pano2VR?
I am by no means an expert, but here is what I do.

I keep the panorama at full resolution and 100% detail all the way through the process until the very end. You need to sharpen the image in Photoshop as part of your workflow. Using my Nikon D300, my Sigma 8mm lens gives me a 8000x4000 image (40 megs). My Nikon 10.5 yields an image 11000x5500(70 megs).

In Pano2VR I use a cube face of 2000 and an image quality of 80. The final .swf file size is usually under 5 megs. I leave all the other settings alone. I also disable all zooming 99% of the time. Zooming in only gets you a pixelated image and USUALLY does not add anything to the panorama.

The lower the image quality setting, the smaller the final file size and the quicker it will load. Play with it until you get a setting you are comfortable with. With internet speeds increasing all the time, there will be a day (soon, I hope) that we can post our panoramas at 100% quality.


full screen version is here: http://www.dlsphoto.net/GWBR2010/Roa.../Panorama.html