hi Guys

Having just acquired a new NN3 Mk1 complete with a T-bar extension, and never really tried or even given a thought to pano work, but becoming more and more hooked each day.

Dont have a problem with the settting up tho still a bit slow at the minute tho Im sure with time this will speed up. I use canon and can use either a 5D (Mk1) or 40D with a 17-40 and from reading posts on hear and reading some of the links I have settled with 10 clicks to give a 360 pano (here's hoping thats ok, please feel free to correct me if needed) no 10 indent disc so using a 20 and double clicking.

This is where Im am at present, next thing for me is to achieve a good single row pano and need to ask how you would expose for the shots, assuming manual settings and on landscapes probably anything between f11-f16. I take it the exposure would be the same for all shots or do you expose each for the scene being shot at the time.

Also, advancing to more than single row panos how would the angles be calculated.

Many thanks and appreciated your comments