Hi folks,

I'm new to this forum and new to pano photography. My goal is to produce 360 VR work. Currently, I have a Canon 5DII, Canon 15mm full frame fish-eye lens, a Manfroto tripod and the Manfroto leveling base.

I'm in the market for a pano head and I'm not sure if I need the NN3 or the NN5. I'm guessing that the "L" stands for leveling which I already have. I'm not using any type of special grip, just the stock 5DII. I might, at some point down the road, want to use this setup with a lens other than the 15mm FF fish-eye.

I'd be interested to hear whether your experiences have shown that the advanced rotator is worth the extra $$$. Also, I'm still a little unclear as to what is the difference in RD8 vs. RD16.

Thanks for your help.