If you are looking to take your panoramas (and general photography) to new heights take note.
Here are some photos that give you an idea of the direction Nick at Fanotec is going with new pole designs. The poles were a big hit at the conference and brought a great deal of attention.

The 6 meter pole being extended to its full 6 meter length. I had a D300 with Samyang lens on an R1 sitting atop the 6 meter pole. The carbon fiber construction makes it very strong and lightweight. It is very easy for one person to raise and lower this pole.

The 6 meter pole can be separated yielding an inner 3 meter pole. Pictured above is the inner 3 meter pole shown next to the completed 6 meter pole. Once the pole is separated there is an adapter plate which mounts to base of 3 meter pole.

There are also smaller poles (2.4 meter) with 4 sections. They are standalone units which can be stacked together.
Shown above 1 2.4 meter pole with 3 meter pole and 6 meter pole.

The Camera and R1 attaches very securely to the end of the poles

You can easily attach one of our advanced rotators (RD8 or RD16) to the base of the pole. This will allow you to "feel" the stops as you rotate the pole.
The tripod is for display purposes only and not a product of Fanotec.

adapters for the quick release system and base cover which can be used if opting not to use rotator.

There is no pricing on the poles just yet but true to form they will be competitively priced. Hoping to have them available by late summer early fall.