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  1. Vulture Mine, Arizona


    Here'sz a pano I took at the Vulture Mine near Wickenburg. This particular pano is of the remains of the mine workshop.
    This is a true 'ghost town' that hasn't been prettied up for the tourists.
    The mine operated from 1863 until its closure is 1942. During the time it operated
    $200,000,000 worth of gold was extracted.

    Hope you enjoy,


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    Really nice Rob, good job
    Looks to be a dangerous place for panorama :-\

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    Hi Rob,

    another place of your interesting panos. I like the way you choose your shooting places in your panos.

    Is it worth zooming in to find the last left nuggets, like in the GIGAPAN from paris by APG, where you can look for, was it eggs?

    Nice job.

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    Not dangerous, as long as you are careful where you walk and watch out for holes and rattlesnakes


    I believe there is still some gold there and you can actually go gold panning, for a fee of course.

    The only 'gold' I saw though was the 'gold' painted rocks that they use to mark the trails.


    Today is worth two tomorrows.

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