I was part of the team doing the PR shots for the inaugural Brighton Marathon last Sunday.

I decided to take my pano gear to try and get some unique scenes and also to see how I'd get on trying to do busy scenes.

These were shot with a NN5, Canon 5D and Tok 10-17 fish mounted on a monopod, which I planted in my waist belt and waved about in the air in a decidedly wobbly fashion . If I haven't shot on a tripod, I do have a pretty slack approach to accuracy with stitching stuff so please bear this in mind.

In the scheme of things I fared OK but I'd like you good folk to rip these to pieces as I've never had anyone 'qualified' comment on my pano efforts before

Dragging 30lb of gear around for 13 hours did get quite wearing. Juggling with the pano rig and doing 'sports' shots with my 1D2n at the same time was a bit of a challenge and things did get knocked about a bit .

A useful experience and I'll have a better idea for the Next Time on what works and what things I need to do differently.

Lightroom'd, PTGUI'd, cleaned up in PS and output with Pano2VR


Oh and some of my 'normal' shots are in this preview galleryhttp://gallery.sussexsportphotography.com/gallery.tlx?containerid=128452