Wondering if someone more expert than me can offer some guidance....

I am wanting to shoot photos to create full 360x180 degree pano's for use in 3D rendering

I know locking the ISO, Focus and apeture while only adjusting the shutter speed seem key.

My question is this:

To get a bracketed set of say -2, 0, +2 is there a way to determine the upper and lower shutter speed for the optimal exposure?

I know there is bracketing features built in but I have a script from CHDK which allows a bit more control which I found here: http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php...8.new.html#new

The script is great in the sense that it will take say the first 3-5 sets of images then allow me to adjust the camera position and press any button for the next set... etc till finished with the sequence all based on the determined shutter speed upper and lower range.

I hope this all makes sense

Thank you!