I'm wondering, which gear are you using for taking panoramas?
Currently, I'm using Olympus e-30 + Zuiko digital 8mm fisheye lens, Vanguard Tracker B-100 tripod with Nodal Ninja 5 panoramic head.

I'm not satisfied with e-30 because it doesn't perform good in low light conditions for panoramas with peoples.
High ISO produces visible noise, and long exposures blurry people. Also, I simply cannot force people to freeze in time so that I can make my 10 shoots in peace, therefore I need to be very fast which often produces focus errors.

So I was thinking (when finance permits) to upgrade to full frame camera: Canon 5d mkII + Sigma 8mm F3.5 EX DG Circular Fisheye

Fullframe Sigma fisheye would mean much better lens coverage which would result in only three (or 4) shoots per pano needed,
while Canon's good high ISO vs noise performance could give me drastically better crowd shots in low light.

Yes, this is pricey upgrade, but after that Ill have full frame camera

Do any of you have same or similar camera and lens combo?
Anything other to recommend?

Also, to make spherical pano, 1st I need to take 6 photos around, with camera in portrait orientation. Than I'm shooting the sky - 1 shoot.
After that pointing camera down, shoot 1 photo, rotating it 180 degrees and taking another photo,
than removing camera from tripod and shooting ground where tripod was for patching (tripod removal) process.

I'm using Photoshop to process last three images for removing tripod from ground, PTGui for stitching em, Photoshop again to fix some impurities or ghosts, than finally Pano2VR to make finished pano.

That means that for each pano I need to take 10 photos + editing time, which may be faster or slower, depending on panorama or light complexity.

With fullframe circular lens I would need only 4 photos, which ends with faster photographing times, faster pano creating, and lesser disk space used.