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    What are the advantages of having one ?

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    With the NN3 MKII complete package your get a set of rings, they are placed inside the the rotator. To get another number of steps, you have to open up the rotator, change the ring or turn it around and refixe. Have a look to the manuals.

    Same with an RD8 / RD16: just replace the detend plunger to another setting and off you go. Plus a different possible number of stops between the rotators. Keeps things simple. You carry one set up, not a number of rings as well.

    But anyway, to change the ring is done quickly without a camera on top.


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    All advantages using the nodal ninja, and if you use the elever2 better yet, know how hard it is to adjust the level of the stand in an appropriate lifting and tucking legs ..... ha, ha, that work to you quuita the levels that are controlled with one hand.

    As for the advantages of having a panoramic labeled, if they can make a show of hands, but a panorama of 5 or 6 photos and will give you errors of parallax, but I imagine a 360x180 or just a 180 horizontal without a tripod and a panoramic head or rotor, is a real disaster to panoramic without patella.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dhyrk3 View Post
    What are the advantages of having one ?

    more robust, more precise, easier to use, a bit more vertical clearance for zenith shot. Works for future NN.


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