Hello everybody, I just have a quick question because I am not sure what information I should be looking at.

I have a friend that recently purchased a OLYMPUS SP-565 UZ. Supposedly the lens it comes with has these specifications:

• 20x
• 4 Aspherical glass elements
• Focal length 4.6 - 92.0mm
• Focal length (equiv. 35mm) 26 - 520mm
• 14 lenses/11 groups
• Aperture 2.8 - 4.5

My question is which focal length should I pay attention to in order to take panoramic images? In other words: if I try to use a panorama calculator, which measurement should I use? In other other words: a focal length of 4.6 is great because It means less images need to be taken, but is 4.6 real?

I hope you can understand my question.

Thanks in advance