Hello, first of all introduce myself and say thanks.

Manolo I purchased a pack, namely the Nodal Ninja 5 w / RD16 Rotator (WITH CASE) and the truth is I am very happy with but I have noticed that you can not do vertical panoramas with Canon 400mm objective, we must place the camera in horizontal position and the overlap is very small with what gives me the error when you attach to autopanopro.

Is there any way to put rotator/16 locks so you can make the projects properly, as the nodal point for a panoramic view with a 400mm I think that we should not take this much in mind, we left the field in addition to the nodal subjeccion ninja.

The blockade of 15 degrees is great, but the degree scale painted on the upper rotor, should be more precise, I hope later resolution of that problem.

I await your responses, greetings and thanks.

Equipment: Canon EOS 5D, 5DmarkII, Phase one P-21, canon 15mm, 400mm, tripods,
flash, headphone level, music and a good sandwich Iberian ham,

greetings from Spain, the skin of a bull.

PS: In Spain you have no authorized dealer, I had to buy in England.