please help!
I have bougth NN3 MKII + Nikon D90 + Sigma 8mm Fisheye 3,5 to make panoramas with my program Easypano - Panoweaver 6.
I think my settings (the nodal point) is right (the under track/bar is at 6; the upper is at 9,1).
Only the spirit level isn't right. So if I turn around the NN3 with my cam the spirit level is at the beginning right (and at the center). When I turn around it moves! :'( I think that's the reason, why my panoramas have always mistakes!
But the spirit level I can't bring at the center - I have tried already all things!
Please help - maybe somebody has a solution for me, because I'm trying already for a long time - without positive results! :'(
Thanks in advance!