I finally got all the gear together, and did a successful stitch using JohnHPanos.com 1st tutorial and his photos.

Nordal Ninja 5L: I center the bubble at 0 degrees, and when rotating at 90/180/270 the bubble in the bubble level goes outside the black line, but not to the very edge of the bubble level. Is this normal? How bad will it screw up stitching in PTGui?

I did my 1st test with the new equipment, and it ended in a miserable failure. PTGui and I manually can't find control points for the Zenith to match any of the other 4 photos, so PTGui sticks it in the middle (#2 of 5) shots So I'm out to test a 5 degree up angle shot, which if I remember the thread I can't find correctly, will eliminate the Zenith shot. Is this correct?

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