I'm curious about shooting greater than single row panoramas. If you have a post on the subject please direct me to it, if not I must assume the taking of such a series would go something like this:

With the tripod leveled and the parallax adjustment made I'd set my lens focal length to agree with the setting used to establish the no parallax setting. I'd begin at zero degrees and using my live view feature on my camera would note the correlation of the grid pattern and an overlap of approximately 30 degrees. I'd choose a radial indexing increment on the lower rotator that gave me the displacement I needed to lap 30 degrees. After shooting the first row I note the grid locations in live view and rotate my camera on the upper horizontal rail to lap 30 degrees vertically and again index from 0 degrees and back.... or would I begin my scans from the center of the top vertical axis and work towards the bottom vertical axis, a row at a time?

Using Photoshop CS4 Extended how do I blend multi-row panoramas?

Last question for this post: After shooting a single row pano and photo-merging them sometimes they are nearly perfect in rectangular shape, and other times their outer borders take on the shape of a violin. I assume that is because the tripod was not perfectly level, is that correct?