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    Is the Nikon D3 body too big for the NN3 MKII? I have the vertical arm pushed all the way out to the edge of the horizontal arm and it appears that I need another half inch or so before it would be centered over the pivot point? I tried to search this forum with no luck.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Yes it is.

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    Can you tell me which NN model I need?
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    Hi Mike,

    I use my D3 with an NN5/RD16 rotator with EZ-Leveller II . From the CP-2 mounting plate you have to use the one with the long side and fix it to the front of the body. You can either fix the base plate with the long side to the lens or with the short side to the lens. The mark aside the golden screw is 1:2 to the total length of the base plate. I ordered two sets which are fixed visa versa, so i can change the plate quite easily outdoor without unscewing it.


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