i received my new "toy" on fri.

Have been searching the forms for various infomration and my eyes are now glazed over.

I am using a D700 with a 35-70mm lens (for a start). Set everything up and now am wondering what degree to start with as a beginner.

Just a bit of back ground, I am an experienced photographer and have been playing with panos off and on, with film and now digital. Mainly by hand or on a tripod with a panning head. I tend to over lap about 25%

As my interest in better result grew and talking with the nice folks At Nodal Ninja i purchased the NN5 with the RD16 rotator.

I would appreciate a basic idea of which degree to use to optain about a 25% overlapping.

I hope to get out in the next few days for some testing but am looking for a rough estimate.
With all the searching and reading i am finding all these numbers about low raiils, upper rails etc being a bit overwhelming.

I followed the directions on the website and have the bottom rail in place with the stop in place, am i missing something as i really thought that was all needed to do before checking for parrallex ?

The reveiw done with the various calucators mentioned in several threads is indicating 8.3 images for a 70mm lens with a 180 pano, does this include the overlapping? That would be in portrait mode.

Thanks for any assistance