Hi guys. I think i am no super pro in panorama making. But i found interesting solution, of how to make panoramas to be more real than just static sphere.
So now i will give a link for archive. This panorama in exe format because it use complex structure BUT - take a look and post your comment/ideas here

Executable size nearby 8 mb http://life-is-good.ucoz.ru/panorama...rgachi_rc1.rar
Deval VR version just for reference - http://life-is-good.ucoz.ru/panorama...dergachi1.html

Main features of my EXE pano:
• Realtime multi layer sky with sun (sweet look)
• You can manipulate on sky direction from keyboard (wow)
• Surround sound (it realy works)
• Extra color mode (i call it sunshine - this is just for testing)

Deval VR version i show just for reference - how it look as ordinary pano - before any extra additions.