This is probably a subject that has been beaten to death here but I just found the forum and came up with a solution prior to finding this site.

I have a Manfrotto hydrostatic ballhead, but that's less important than that Manfrotto's ballhead plates are incompatible with both the NN5 quick release clamps. I have the luxury of living close to the Nodal Ninja guys here in the Phoenix metro area. I brought it over to Rob to test it out and learned they were incompatible, I also learned that they have an ArcaSwiss style quick release clamp. In looking at ArcaSwissl style plates out there I settled on a Really Right Stuff plate and clamp to replace my Manfrotto. I brought this setup back to Rob and he set me up with the right quick release clamp. Now my camera quickly jumps from my tripod, to my hand, and onto my NN5, perfectly aligned for no parallax quickly and easily.

Hope this might help someone come up with a quick solution for a similar setup.

Thanks Rob and the Nodal Ninja team, you all rock!!!