Well the time has come again to upgrade our dedicated servers kicking them up a notch with storage, power and performance. This next upgrade should hold us for awhile. And we'll be integrating the e-store directly into the website. Currently we have two servers - one for website and one for e-store.
Changes include:
E-store integration directly into the website.
Faster and easier checkout with more tools for customers purchasing our products.
Faster loading website pages during peak load times.
More advanced firewall.
New and improved Affiliate program offering a variety of tools.
Live chat (a bit later).
More regular Newsletters.
And we'll have many added behind the scenes administrative benefits.
Future options under consideration would be free panorama hosting for our customers.

We'll be doing all this over the next 2-3 weeks so some delays of service with website and forum may be experienced and we test the waters with the migration. The e-store website integration will be a challenge. We will keep the current e-store up until all products are moved over to the website (est 1-2 months). Those that have made purchases in the past will eventually need to create new e-store accounts to manage and track orders.
The forum should remain intact without visible notice of change.
We'll be doing much as possible behind the scenes but we ask for your patience in the event you experience a hiccup or see our website down for maintenance.

Thank you

PS - sorry for the typos in email notice - sometimes I just need to slow down and take the time to smell the roses