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    Just a question - are the horizontal and vert shift parameters always the same for the 16mm lens?
    In theory - yes. In practice, mechanical tolerances in the lens and camera mount are such that variations are likely to occur when any physical changes are made (unmounting and remounting the lens, altering the focus setting etc.). In addition, the optimizer may evaluate slightly varying values depending on control points placement and compensating for minor parallax effects.

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    Hi Simon,

    just want to add my results.

    For HDRI have a look to Photomatix Pro, might be DxO could help you as well.

    Right now it may help you to use photoshop to "pimp" a difficult dynamic range situation. Import a photo, go to Image, Adjustments, Shadows/Highlights, find a good correction. Set these to "default" and change every shot in the same way. Then start stitching.

    If you like to send me an email address, i will send you some more information. Cause of time reasons i do not run a website till now.


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    Thank you both. I talked to the guys from PTGUI and got some help too. off to Sydney tomorrow to do the Opera House and Harbour bridge by day and night. Got anothe pano head for my shave 10.5mm today so keen to test 16mm and 10.5. My hotel room even has a view of the Opera House - very cool. Then off to Taronga Zoo to take photos with my new 200-400mm F4.
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    and have fun with your new equipment.

    BTW, I shoot in CLMode when I use bracketing. If you have some money left, two sandisk extreme pro cards 32GB will help you to take your pictures without changing the card in the middle of a pano and rights it down with 90mb/sec.
    You can realize the double speed to the old extreme IV with 45mb/sec. With this card I often had to wait till the data was written to the card.


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