Finally I have done the calibration for the Canon 15mm lens on a Canon EOS 5d slanted diagonally by 33.7 degrees. The calibration is done for an angle of 60 degrees (i.e. 6 pictures around). I haved used the method described by John Houghton at - 3. A DIRECT APPROACH - FOR SLRs ONLY.

[tr][td]Tilt angle (t)[/td][td]Correction (c)[/td][/tr]

The straight line is described by c = 1.629333 -0.1232 * t
The correlation coefficient is r = 0.9998688
This is a very good correlation.

So there are two more calculated values:

[tr][td]Tilt angle (t)[/td][td]Correction (c)[/td][/tr]

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