I would try to sell the manfrotto and get the fisheye lens instead. I used it in the beginning and now i love the smooth and lightweight Nodal Ninja Stuff.

I am a mac user as well. Normally i use PTGui and sometimes Autopanogiga. Autopanogiga is more automatically and does a lot on it's own.

To learn about stitching and to set control points etc, i would start with PTGui. A lot of information and tutorials to find on the net.


You can download trial versions and test them yourself.

If you do not have photos to test, just let me know.

BTW: I ordered my first NN5 RD12 via the website because it waas not availible in my country. If i remember it right, it was 180€ on top. So right now i order in my homecountry. If you do not use UPS or something like it, I nearly lost a parcel from the states via international post. Cheaper, but it took 1,5 month to recieve it. UPS was there within 3 day, but this costs a fortune.