How much lateral play do you have on you NN5 upper rail mounting plate?
The plate seems to be a lot narrower than the rail guides.
How much?

My setup:
Nikon D90
Sigma 10-20mm F3.5 @20mm F8

First I tightened the mounting plate to my camera as tight as I could, so that should not distort the measurement.
Took photos at the extremes and measured the distance in Photoshop.

Comes out to 1.611406066 degrees which doesn't seem like much but that's 102 pixels! On a higher res camera it'll be even more pixels.

Combined with the play of the standard NN5 mounting plate (I plan to order the CP2 but I have to order it from abroad as no NN products are available in my country) that's a lot of play which is hard, nay, almost impossible to calibrate while in the field.

Gives me headaches while stitching.

Could someone measure theirs? Maybe just my copy is bad?