I am planning to use a Nikon D200 with a Samyang 8mm lens (Angle of view: 180 degrees (APS-C), Diameter x Lenght : 75x74.8mm ) on a Nodal Ninja 3 mount to create prints and quicktime VR shows of people working the in tobacco fields in Cuba. I would like the quicktime VR to be able to pan 360 degrees and tilt all the way up to the zenith and all the way down to the ground. In other words I would like a completely spherical view.
Do I need to photoshop out the tripod legs in the downward view before stitching? or can I just take that frame hand held after removing the tripod?
I am planning to take 4 horizontal frames and 2 vertical (sky and ground) would that be sufficient considering I am using the 8mm lens ? Do you think my set-up is adequate? I am using a Gitzo tripod but I don't have any auto leveler device. Should I get one?
Thank you for any advice you can give me.