N3MK2 + Canon 5D MK2 + Tokina 10-17
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  1. N3MK2 + Canon 5D MK2 + Tokina 10-17


    I used 40D before. Now, I have upgraded to 5D MK2. I can't found the setting in the setting page. Any one know the setting?

    Thanks a lot~~~

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    Use the settings of the 40D on the upper rail 10/14 98, 15 100, 17 102,5. For the lower ail you should try NN3 46,5, NN3w/CP 56,5 for the 5D MK2. The distance tripod mount - lens flange ( L1 in database ) is the same for both cameras. There is a difference in Tripod Height Mount ( H in database ) of 1,5mm.



    Would be nice if we get a response about your own findings.


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