Hi all, I'm a new pano head user (bought myself an NN5 for Xmas). I've been trying it out a little, but I haven't been real successful calibrating it. I get the concept, but the execution is where I get stuck. I thought I had pretty good settings for my walking around zoom at "normal" focal length (i.e. 50mm @ 35mm equiv), so I tried making a 3-row pano in my living room. It came out quite well... way, way better than any indoor pano I've ever shot without a pano head... but still there are minor stitching errors that I'm having trouble eliminating by choice of control points.

My question today is, does anyone have a feel for how sensitive the settings of the NN5 are for a given zoom length? For instance, if I have A = 50 and B = 85 for 50mm focal length, but because of error in repeatability, the zoom lens is actually at 49mm or 48mm, will A and B settings on the pano head need to change significantly, will they generally still work, or is it totally dependent on lens design (e.g. some lenses can be super-sensitive to small changes while others seem to have a wide sweet spot)?

Is there any general feel for how far off the settings can be before you start getting stitching errors you can't fix? I ask that because I'm wondering whether I should be expecting to find my fix by changing my settings +/- 5mm, or more like +/- 0.5mm.