Hello, I'm just starting in 360VR Photography. Which DSLR is the best set or should I go ?
My doubt is between the Canon 7D or the Nikon D300S ?
I was almost decided to go for the Nikon D300S with Nikkor 10.5.

But after reading a lot of reviews and watching some Full HD videos made with the Canon 7D I'm changing my decision for Canon.
I'm just not sure which lens should I take. I've read old posts and didn't got a decision. I'm arriving in NYC next Monday, so any help will be greatly appreciated !

I will shoot mainly spherical, 360x180, real estate virtual tours. I want to take less shots as possible, because in the future I will start shooting other subjects in crowded areas.

If I decide for the Nikon I will take the Nikkor 10.5.

But for the Canon 7D which lens should I go ?
Sigma 8mm
Tokina 10-17mm
Canon 10-22mm

For the pano head I ordered a NN5 with RD16.
For the tripod I will take a Manfrotto 055CXPRO4.

Thank you very much for your attention !